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Who is AMG?
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Meet The Crew

Anthony Hovsepian Anthony Hovsepian

Anthony Hovsepian

CEO, Founder

Selena Del Toro Selena Del Toro

Selena Del Toro

Social Media Specialist

Artak Galstyan Artak Galstyan

Artak Galstyan

Sr. Visual Designer

Eliza Arakelian Eliza Arakelian

Eliza Arakelian

Content Creator

Usman Talib Usman Talib

Usman Talib

Sr. Front End Developer

Natalie Derghazarian Natalie Derghazarian

Natalie Derghazarian

Sales & Marketing Manager

Antonio Zapiain Luna Antonio Zapiain Luna

Antonio Zapiain Luna

Lead Videographer

Jonathan Slavin Jonathan Slavin

Jonathan Slavin

Videographer/Video Editor

Anthony Media Group is a Los Angeles tech start-up founded in 2016.

Our company develops creative content optimized for digital marketing driven by SEO-writing and web-development expertise. The company incorporates a wide variety of geniuses holding creative, analytical, and project management backgrounds. Think of us as an esteemed supporting cast, displaying clients’ success and milestones, and further capitalizing on digital opportunities strategized to sustainably grow and produce.

Our goal is to increase and maintain a digital presence in an age heavily dependent on digital marketing.

As search engines continue to increase in relevance, maintaining a qualitative digital presence is a key marketing strategy that all industries deserve to consider. Hence, we provide services to all industries ranging from law, to e-commerce and beauty, and filming. A one-stop shop, if you will, for all web-based digital marketing and development.

Our team is committed to using successful approaches to help you grow your business.

Staying up-to-date and learning the latest developments in tech, design, social media, SEO and digital marketing is our primary goal. We stay flexible to change and always pivot to help meet your online marketing needs, no matter how big or small — because we believe our client’s success is the best measure of our own performance.

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