Industries We Serve

Currently working with over 30 businesses around Southern California including automotive, legal, medical professionals, beauty care, restaurant supply and more, We are consistently growing and spreading our innovative Internet marketing solutions to new clients across the country.



One of the most diligent industries worldwide is Healthcare. Representing our clients in Healthcare is a demanding but rewarding task that Anthony Media Group prides itself on. Working with caring professionals in the industry, we’ve found a great partnership and rhythm in representing healthcare clients’ on the digital web.

Healthcare services are real-time and imperative, meaning not only does the business need to be optimal, but its accessibility. We optimize hospice care, health clinics, prosthetics and orthotic clinics.


Private Practice

Private practice is essentially a professional business that does not require control or pay by larger entities. As remote and private practices continue to grow in the millennial and Gen Z age, private practices continue to increase on a daily basis. We value the persistence and dedication that private practices embody.

That’s why Anthony Media Group delivers digital web and content assistance to help promote like business giants. No business is too small or too large — the web is created equally and we strongly concur.



Beauty and Care has become a multimillion industry that explores avenues in digital and film space. As natives of Los Angeles, Anthony Media Group knows design. Ultimately, beauty is a defined industry that varies within the nice of the profession.

Our clients assist in perfection, glamoring for stunning and special everyday occasions. Beaute Bars are growing rapidly and our responsibility is to make your style glow on the ‘net. To review some of our portfolio, visit our Portfolio page to learn more.



Legal and compliance is a serious and humbling corridor to support and represent. Our clients within law consist of esteemed lawyers working in their niche environment, tirelessly assisting a vast audience through search engine optimization.

Ranging from tax lawyers to personal injury firms, our team of professionals provide our clients a profound presence on the web; and through dynamic content and exceptional web management, a business’ online presence becomes a public icon for millions to find.


Commercial Real Estate

Offering Memorandums are key in a competitive real estate market. Projecting an upward trend in Los Angeles’ real estate, and regarding traditional marketing tactics in real estate, Anthony Media Group capitalizes on new and modern trends that help formulate and provide space in search engine optimization that helps highlight property offers.

If commercial real estate SEO is an interest of your business, learn more about commercial real estate SEO by contacting Anthony Media Group. Commercial Real Estate SEO is a new and untouched market that Anthony Media Group is capable of highlighting firms’ ability to reach a wider audience looking to lease, buy, or sell on the market.


And More…

When our clients shine, we shine. That’s the motto we carry when representing industries with unique and imperative endeavors. If your industry your niche business environment is not listed — no worries. Digital web presence requires no prerequisites as all are welcome.

Anthony Media Group allows your business to be as accessible as possible with utmost client satisfaction.

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