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Digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Keeping up with Google algorithms is a new phenomenon that businesses are investing their time into. From strategy and insight analysis to paid advertising and creative content, Anthony Media Group keeps track of the latest trends in business promotion. Google carries the world’s leading search engine, which provides a platform for businesses to grow at a lower expense if optimized precisely.

If you’ve become search engine savvy, you may have noticed Paid Search in your daily search endeavors — this is a part of Search Engine Marketing. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has been evolving for the past decade. SEM continues to be one of the most impactful and influential marketing tactics to grow exposure in an incrementally competitive marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Anthony Media Group, we recommend options that best suit our clients’ needs. Based upon preferred target audiences, geographic locations, products and services, business goals, and keyword research, we determine options that would work in favor of your budgeting.

The creative and user-friendly side of Google AdWords is that our clients have the opportunity to choose a daily budget that works best with their preferences. Meaning that, our client has the opportunity to cease spending at any time.

Many variables factor into whether an ad may appear as #1 on Google. Numerous external factors can alter the outcome, of which some factors include:

  • Competitive Market in Google AdWords
  • Abrupt Updates in Google Algorithm
  • Seasonal Changes
  • Content Quality

With our experienced team of professionals, we can help your business rank higher on Google. 

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