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Content Writing

One of the main ways to educate search engines and the clientele is through your website content. Content Writing embodies creative writing subjects to communicate a story, whether it may be content generated on a product, service, or simply an optimized contact page. The key is to produce optimized writing for a smooth user experience for a given business’s key target audience: potential clients, already established clients, or portfolio viewers.

At Anthony Media Group, our team of writers brings versatile strengths of technical and creative expertise to best assist on diverse writing projects. Ultimately, creating ideal perspectives to build SEO-driven content that further enhances website UI and UX design.


Keyword Research

Keywords are the words and phrases that best define what your product and/or services are. In terms of SEO, they’re the words that web users type into the search box of a search engine. Keywords are crucial because they drive organic traffic to your website. Some keywords get hundreds of thousands of unique searches, while others get a couple of hundred. 

Do you know what keywords your website is currently ranking for? At Anthony Media Group, our research team analyzes the top keywords and incorporates them into your website. As a result, you’ll see an increase in brand recognition, website traffic, and search engine ranking.




Blogs paint the picture for your audience. They’re a powerful and creative asset to your online presence and repertoire. Our SEO-writing department focuses on relevant topics in a client’s industry and market, and further contributes to researched factual data to increase legitimacy in a given digital space.

And in a technical sense, these blogs utilize researched keywords to develop unique stories that better shape a client’s potential for customers, leads, and overall legitimacy as an online resource.


Link Building

Link building involves reaching out to blog writers to feature your page as a resourceful and credible website, gaining the trust of an online audience that seeks assistance and service.  At Anthony Media Group, we connect and link our clients’ content to separate periphery websites. Essentially, utilizing others’ expertise to promote your content via link building. 


Google Business Page

Google hosts the world’s strongest search engine. Notably known for its high-volume in search requests and mapping inquiries for businesses.
Anthony Media Group creates and manages Google Business pages to implement the highest quality in public relations.

Search engines carry a symbiotic relationship with search engine optimized content, which provides a unique street to further legitimize your business in Google’s business space. Google Business Pages are vital to client-customer relations. Google legitimization is carried through its content writing, link building, and blog development. However, any Google Business page is the online face of the company — this is when Anthony Media Group steps in and takes care of public relations.


Frequently Asked Questions

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially the process of ranking your website higher than others on google in the midst of getting free organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the result you’ll find on search engines when looking for something in particular. These results are not ads, thus google finds them relevant based on the search criteria such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

The language you use to let people and google know what your content is about. Mobile optimize layout, site speed (loading speed), usability (how user friendly it is).

This is also referred to as link building. Off page SEO is the process of getting other websites to link to your webpage, making it more credible.

The small text that appears underneath the title tags. This is a brief description addressing what your website is about.

Typically anywhere from 4-6 months because the older your domain name the more authority Google will give you. The more backlinks we get the more authority Google will give you.

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